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My first business died.

My second business soared to 7-figures.

I'll show you the difference.

Join me to build and grow a successful business you love.


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Get the latest article on building success-skills to Future Proof your life and business.

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Get one-on-one coaching to get unstuck in your business fast.

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The Tools I Use

Checkout my home office setup and things like the email system, apps, books and theme I use on BFP.

Meet Dustin, a designer, blogger and social media strategist!

"There have been countless occasions where Brent has helped me see my challenges from a different perspective and become unstuck in my business. His ability to understand tough issues and help me discover the solutions is something I can’t even put a price on."

— Dustin W. Stout, Dustn.tv & Co-Founder of Warfare Plugins

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I'm taking 3 More Coaching Clients.

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Straight up: I want to feature fresh testimonials, fast. This is only good for the next 3 clients... before the price doubles.