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My first business attempt failed and fizzled out in a little over a year.  I Lost all my money, and more sadly, some of my friends' and family’s too.  It was utterly terrible.

Yet I still started working on my next business— this time 100% solo— not long after the first one failed.  And this time, things went very differently...

I got coaching along the way (immensely helpful).  But I still needed something to differentiate our business from everyone else, besides simply “better products, more knowledgeable team”.

So I took a deep-dive into the interwebz [because I’m a research fiend].

After many moons had passed, and some major googling, I found… the secret to success…. (shhhh, it’s a secret).  Just kidding, there’s no secret.  But don’t be sad, this is a good thing.

I fell in love with online marketing and everything growth related.  But here’s how this made us different, and helped us blow past our competitors.  (Oh, and how YOU can start to do the same thing)

I combined the success-skills I was seeing online marketers use and teach, to my retail business.

Not mind-blowing enough for you?  It really shouldn’t be, actually.  It wasn’t a secret, it wasn’t some magical power, or groundbreaking discovery.

It was simply taking skills like list-building, copywriting, email-marketing, psychology for sales, product launching and some others, and combining them into my business.  Things that my competitors weren’t using or couldn’t quickly imitate.  Skills that were atypical for my industry, and city.  

Combing even 2-3 success-skills with your passion and business can multiply your success.  For years!  And if you learn the right ones— in true Future Proof fashion— they’ll even help you switch careers down the road.  And they don’t have to be the same ones I used, in fact, I’m going to be working on new skills myself, when the time is right.  There’s something else I should tell you...

...to be totally honest with you, I really wasn’t even that great at most of these success-skills.  

I still have a ton to learn (that’s the point of this site, learning a few key skills, better), but the truth is, you don’t have to be the world’s best to succeed.  If you’re even just good, better than 75% of most people at 2-3 of the right success skills, you can create a uniquely powerful combination to dominate in your industry and grow exponentially faster.  This works in small niches,  solopreneur businesses and careers just as well.

And acquiring success-skills works along the way, before you even reach the “good enough” stage, you’ll notice things like more sales, more influence, higher contract rates, more customers and less complaints.

“So where do I go from here?”

The #1 thing that helped me grow my last business from an idea, -> to a job I happened to own, -> and finally to a profitable business I could run or sell, was mentorship and coaching.

Business, growth, and helping people get unstuck is my passion. I could talk (and do) business all day long.

If you’re interested in being personally mentored by me, apply for the coaching program and check availability here.

Not ready for that?  You can head over to my blog to see the latest success-skills content, and start applying it to your blog, business or idea today.

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