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A few of the way-too-many supplements I take (I used to own nutrition stores, so it's ingrained in me)

  • Myovite - A multi-vitamin pack that's actually dosed properly, with chelated minerals (high absorption) etc.
  • MyOmega - High in EPA/DHA + a little CoQ10 and Astaxanthin
  • MyoICE - Grassfed New Zealand Whey Protein Isolate, naturally sweetened. Chocolate and Chocolate mint are thee best tasting low-carb proteins ever... and they always meet label claims.
  • I cycle my probiotics between VSL #3, Now Foods, and trying a new one next that's soil-based.
  • I take a few supplements for longevity: PterostilbeneCurcuBrain,
  • I take quite a few others, but they're either specific to me, diets I'm testing, or experiments in general.


  • Zero drop/arch shoes - For helping with mobility, posture and looking goofy.
  • Infrared Sauna - Mentioned in Office swag above.
  • Fitness is a pandora's box.. have tons of other stuff, but it's mostly off-topic for BFP ;)

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Books... A Few of My Favorites:



(ProTip: I read fiction in bed on my kindle so it turns off my problem solving /"work brain".  Does wonders + it's fun and sometimes nerdy— try it)

I'll keep this short, because it's mostly off-topic, but here are a few of my favs, or recently read favorites. Caveat emptor: I like fantasy.

Here's my Goodreads profile: a big list of what I've read, or want to read someday.